1.The Best Toilet Bowl Wand

If you loathe the notion of a bacteria-laden brush sitting close to your bathroom, this disposable cleaning method from Clorox is your solution. The kit has a plastic bathroom wand and storage caddy (which you keep), along with nine disposable sponge pads. All get the sponge moist you need to do is snap it on the batter, and observe the cleaner proceed to work. Press the button on the batter to publish the sponge directly when you are finished. 1 reviewer writes,"My bathroom bowl developed a mineral stain at the base. It took a couple of months (3-4 cleanings) but it's gone. My bathroom bowl appears new "

2. The Best Tablets For Your Tank

1 fan writes,"I had cleaned the toilets of our new house about 10 days (no joke) in 2 weeks and each time the gross stains were back within 48hrs - if we used it or not... These dandies cleaned the stains and I think that the whole tank and system b/c nothing new!" If you would like to create cleaning your toilet as hands-off as you can, these cleaning tablets from Clorox are as simple as it gets. Drop a single tablet in your toilet's tank and allow it to fizzle. Each tablet sanitizes and deodorizes the toilet bowl water for as much as two weeks before you want to use a different one.